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lunar_echo's Journal

22 March 1984
acoustic guitar, ale, allotments, ambiant music, ancient burial sites, ancient history, ancient philosophy, angela carter, animal rights, anime, art, arthurian literature, asana, astrology, beaches, birds of prey, bisexuality, black and white photography, books, camping, cats, celtic culture, cemeteries, cheltenham, classical, community farming, crystals, divination, drawing, dreams, eco-friendly living, environmental conservation, environmental philosophy, environmental policy, ethical living, fairy tales, fantasy art, fantasy film, feminism, festivals, folk metal, folk music, folk rock, folklore, foreign film, fossils, gardening, gargoyles, geology, gloucestershire, gothic, gothic art, green politics, herbalism, holistic health, homeopathy, independant film, infrared photography, j.r.r. tolkien, jeanette winterson, lesbian literature, martial arts, masks, masquerade, medieval literature, medieval manuscript, medieval music, meditation, metal, mountain biking, mountains, museums and galleries, mythology, natal chart, natural history, neil gaiman, norse, norse mythology, occult studies, old pubs, organic food, outdoors, paganism, painting, paranormal, photography, plants, poetry, pranayama, pre raphaelite, prehistory, progressive metal, psychoanalysis, psychological horror film, roots culture, ruins, runes, sarah waters, scandanavia, simon marsden, singer songwriter, sketching, slr photography, stringed instruments, surrealism, sustainable communities, tarot reading, tea, the sea, the west country, theatre, traditional music, transits, travel, trees, victorian, visionary art, walking, wilderness, wildlife gardening, wine, world music, yoga