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An article regarding one of my favourite publishers - lunar_echo

Date: 2008-04-26 13:09
Subject: An article regarding one of my favourite publishers
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"The Virago archive is a treasure trove of correspondence with some of the best women writers of the 20th and current century, and founded as the company was before the advent of email, everything is still there in those files, letters often adorned with my filing instructions "put wherever". Today, I mourn the loss of my luscious green covers, but the younger generation - like me, 30 years ago - always wants change. The Virago Modern Classics are not finished, and never will be. They remain as a testament to a group of very energetic, devoted young women, to bad typewriters, often illegible handwriting, and long hours of deeply non-unionised work, reading and research. Now commissioning editor Donna Coonan, a toddler in 1978, is as addicted to, and as passionate about, the list as we all were then. In February, I went to speak to the Suffolk Book League. Afterwards a clutch of women, grey-haired like me, came up and one by one said, "Thank you so much." "My favourite is Winifred Holtby", "Your Classics got me through every pram I had in the hall" and "I love my shelf of green Viragos". It was the writers and their novels they were really thanking, women writing away in thankless times. All that was required was to know they were there, to love them, and to publish them.Virago Publishing company - the home of some of my favourite novels by women writers (and a teasure trove of inspiration that I've yet to explore as fully as I'd like)...."
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